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Auburn vs Virginia

Virginia vs Auburn: Auburn faces Obern in the first national semifinal on Saturday, with many interesting stories from both sides. Here are five things to see in this fifth final.

Last season, one team was on the wrong side and the other made its way through the university’s elite basketball program to get here. Now they will meet in the first final, and the winner will be given the opportunity to play in the national final, when the regional seed champion and Virginia take the fifth seeds and the positions in the western region, Auburn. Tigers in Minneapolis.

Rugby Sevens

We all remember the test in Virginia last year by train, and the first one is not. 1 is seed number 16 when UMBC treated them. Looking to the future this year, the Chevaliers fought repeatedly against their first opponent, ripping Gardner-Webb out of 14 in the first half. The team of Tony Bennett is back and now has two of the best stories in the history of the NCAA tournament.

Some of the designated blue blood areas appeared in the western region such as Kansas, North Carolina, and Kentucky. However, Auburn had other plans. After an open scare from New Mexico, Bruce Pearl and his team threw the Jayhawks, Tar Heels and Wildcats in a row to reach the Final Four.

It was very nice You are trying to have this balance, to be very useful, to be ready and enjoy the game. The balance is It can not be everything that is not. I noticed that there are more responsibilities for the media than for others, so we are moving fast and jumping.

But if this program had given way to a championship, of course, that would be important, because I think this is a great story for those who get it, but our history is, in a certain sense, unique. Decide everything that was included in this program, from the coaches to me, the players to me and, since I was there, I laid the foundations. You always wait for it You see it remotely in other programs, and then you want to do it, and you try to build it the way you like it most, and what we did with each of our potential possibilities. ,

I do not know how long I’ve been doing this, but they allowed us to train here yesterday. I am not sure that this is always the case. I know it did not exist when I became a volunteer manager 19 years ago, but I’m not sure. So at least have the opportunity to be here and practice, complete the practice for an hour and a half and discover the practice here.

Rugby Sevens

Hard to say. You play in the dome, we play this year and you play in great places, but this is definitely unique. I’m sure this is all, but I think these possibilities are at least good. So I do not know what the basic setting is. Again, this is my first time on the team, so we’re leaving.

I think everyone who did it in the final play at a very high level. This is so. The same as Sweet 16. To progress, you have to be very good. Therefore, the Auburn team won 12 in a row, and each team here had to win difficult matches. This is a high level. He has a basketball.

I think these guys understand that. It is good that you have reached the Final Four, honestly, go to the Sweet 16, but what it means is to prepare and understand what you are facing. Obviously, you’re not looking at anything before. You can not do this in this contest, not like we did last year, but everyone can do it. College of basketball now.

This adjustment goes from high school to college, we always say they are persistent. Perhaps Bobby Knight believes that the game belongs to a permanent thinker.

I think this is a very good respondent, so you can expect me to like some of the best defenders. You talk about being in almost two places at the same time, and they stay constant. Not only are they trying to stop them or hit them on the screen. The complexity of the game: the speed and convenience of the game when you rise to a new level in high school. Some of them come from secondary school systems, where they had a different path, be it a zoning system that protects, or a man with a man, so you can say you’re there.